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If you are a local non-profit, business or government agency and need financial assistance for Solar Installation, you have found your best resource. I have partnered with SDC-ENERGY to achieve my Climate Reality & DRAWDOWN goals to support installation of ROOFTOP SOLAR.

Ranked #10, by 2050 rooftop solar will reduce CO2 emissions by  24.6 gigatons and save $3.6 trillion in net operational savings.

What does this mean for YOU?     Tremendous savings, less dependence on the rising costs of electricity and a physical statement that you support a healthier world for all. This organization will not only help you to get financing, they will help you to get the best price and a contractor who will do a top notch installation. As a Project Manager I will insure that everyone is in the loop, reporting their progress and doing their job as contracted.

Here’s the BLOG                  And here is a very encouraging article on cities al over the country going 100% CLEAN ENERGY

Here’s an intro to how it works, if you want to explore the possibilities of ROOFTOP SOLAR on your building:

Generating your own electricity through the power of the sun helps control energy costs and reduces dependency on utility delivered electricity through a mostly antiquated distribution grid. Producing solar electricity on your property creates electricity where you use it! If you are interested in batteries, we can also provide you a Tesla battery for storage.

The process of financing a solar project is split into 2 stages:

1. Construction of the Solar Facility, and 2. Operation of the Solar Facility.

The first stage: “Construction”, is governed by an Installation Agreement between you and the Contractor along with a temporary construction funding provision with SDC Energy. The Installation Agreement defines the size, location and type of equipment to be used for the Solar Facility that you and the Contractor agree upon.

The second stage: “Operation”, is governed by the Solar Energy Services Agreement (SESA) between you and SDC Energy. The SESA defines requirements of operating and delivery of the energy services from Solar Facility. The purpose of the two-phase approach is to provide transparency and align the roles and responsibilities for each party in the building and operation of the Solar Facility.

The solar funding process visual flow diagram (coming)

1. Solar Energy Services Agreement (“SESA”) provided by SDC; is the financing and operating agreement between the Ratepayer and Provider for the operating term of the Solar Facility. Within the SESA is a provision to provide funding to pay for the construction and installation of the Solar Facility up to the utility’s authorization to operate (In-Service Date). Once the project has achieved the In- Service Date the SESA monthly payments begin. The activation of the project is conditioned by the following notices:

a. Limited Notice to Proceed; is issued when all required agreements are signed and authorizes the Contractor’s milestone #1 payment to proceed with engineering, utility application and building/electrical permit application.

b. Full Notice to Proceed; is issued when the utility authorization or pre- authorization has been issued and all funding for the project has been confirmed. The Full NTP authorizes payment of the Contractor’s milestone #2 and subsequent milestone invoices through completion of the project.

2. Installation Agreement (provided by Contractor); is the construction and installation agreement between the Contractor and the Ratepayer for the construction portion of the project. The installation agreement should define the location and scope of installation, materials and products used, insurance, contractor license, payment schedule and any site-specific conditions.

3. Project Warranty Agreement (provided Contractor); is a project and equipment warranty agreement between the Contractor and the Ratepayer for the term of the Solar Facility. The Project Warranty is assigned to Provider for the term of the SESA and any remaining warranties reverts back to the Ratepayer upon purchase of the Solar Facility.


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