Why am I here? What brings meaning to my life? What is my true PURPOSE?

PASSION. Finding what is ALIVE in you, what gets you up in the morning and what brings you a sense of meaning, of utter joy, and feeds your Soul, appears to be taking a front row seat. So yes, it may become a spiritual calling.

purpose1Years ago, when I trained to be a Coach, I believed that approach was most important in guiding people to be their best. Fast forward to today’s coaches and you will find high-priced more corporate focused, expensive options. Coaches address numerous issues yet don’t really focus on some of these basic questions. Some people think their J-O-B is their purpose. Your age and obligations influence these choices. Even though it has become more expensive to survive, money is not always the driving factor in choosing or finding our bliss, especially for Baby Boomers who are now beginning to question how they want to live out the rest of their lives.

In this section you will find numerous resources and links for finding just that…YOUR PURPOSE. There are Purpose Guides whose work is based in the field of psychology and when necessary address deep wounding for eventual closure and healing. It is a type of soul journey that looks at numerous stages of development.  We can do that if it seems necessary to move forward.

Vision quests are a big part of that process and definitely worth exploring. I know, I have worked with and now welcome those experts as partners within Specialized-Systems. I can introduce you to some very powerful and qualified Purpose Guides if you choose to “go deep.”

purpose2When embarking upon the journey of finding one’s Soul Purpose I have excellent resources; books, webinars, programs, challenges, retreats, and fascinating carefully crafted vision quests. There are excellent, free podcasts that are available for you to begin your own exploration. I can guide you as you begin this journey and you can choose which path you want to take.

How deep do you want to go?   How important is it to you?

Work with me and together we can craft an exploration into YOUR Soul Journey. Where it leads will be your choice. I will provide the tools, the resources, the guidance and the freedom for you to determine your next steps.

This video may give you more insight.. Watch Now.