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This page will give you my recommendations for the best products, of highest quality, non-toxic and most beneficial. Some products I stock and sell directly (so please contact me) or I am an affiliate**. This means that I get a small commission, if you purchase through my link. I would appreciate you using these links as it helps me to monetize some of the free information I gladly share.


ghc**Global Healing Center-High Quality products
– GHC – I know Dr. Group personally, have used his products for years and am an affiliate. He monitors and sources everything organic and of the highest quality. He personally overseas everything and i trust him and all he offers. he has great cleanses, excellent detox products, and offers lots of nutritional information and a newsletter. Talk to me about the products I use regularly. Soon I will have pictures for you.


lakanto-logo**We are always looking for a way to avoid that toxic poison SUGAR.  LAKANTO® is only zero calorie, zero glycemic sweetener that is just like sugar. Unlike most fruits, whose sweetness comes from fructose, Monks Fruit’s sweetness comes from natural mogrosides that are 300 times sweeter than sugar. Modern research shows that Monk Fruit extract does not elevate blood sugar or insulin, making it a perfect sweetener for blood sugar and weight management. Born from a proprietary mixture of the highest purity Monk Fruit extract LAKANTO® is a delicious all-natural zero calorie, zero glycemic sweetener with the sumptuous rich taste of sugar. I also now this founder personally and trust his products.

ZERO Calories                ZERO Glycemic Index               1:1 Sugar Replacement

ZERO Impact on Blood Sugar or Insulin     ZERO Bitter or Chemical Aftertaste        No GMO’s, Additives or Artificial Flavors


For my own personal health and that of my clients, I have studied probiotics, prebiotics and every product for the the gut (microbiome) for decades! I now proudly stock Restore, here in my office and will either deliver locally or ship to you, just go to my contact page or give me a call directly. I can assure you with all my gut health, this is the best product you will ever find. IT WORKS! Restore is a new generation, earth-derived supplement that promotes an optimal gut environment. It is not a probiotic. It is not a prebiotic. Rather, it is a carbon rich, alkaline liquid, with lignite derived trace organics and essential trace amino acids. With 70% of the immune system located in the gut, this optimal gut environment leads to great gut health. Restore is the first dietary supplement that delivers a balanced family of  bacterial metabolites to promote a healthy firewall of tight junctions in the gut wall and blood brain barrier. Restore provides the communication network to support the return of biodiversity to the gut ecosystem that supports normal immune function. The hallmark of Restore is that it is based in science. Our research has shown Restore to be non-toxic and to support the tight junction cells of the gut lining. Honestly if you just take 1 product, this would be my recommendation.



I do not recommend vitamin-mineral supplements in pill form. They typically have fillers and may not even be digestible, depending on the condition of your gut. However, I strongly recommend intraMAX®  from Drucker Labs the most comprehensive all-in-one liquid nutritional supplement that I personally take and have for years. Drink 1oz. a day, best in the morning, away from food. Your cells will get the nutrients they need to start your day. Each bottle contains 415 essential 100% carbon-bonded (for easy absorption) ORGANIC microcomplexed nutrients along with 71 organic trace minerals and other health promoting “super foods”. Just like in food, vitamins and minerals are present and work as co-factors to promote absorption. Once inside the body, the carbon instantly locates and attaches to inorganic toxins that are present. Toxins are converted and released through the skin, urine and colon. Taken in a specific intrakiddosage, you can even use this product to begin a deeper detoxification. Talk to me about that, too.

I also take intraMIN® from time to time, as we seem to be more deficient in minerals; poor soil quality and depletion from toxins. intraKID®  is also an excellent product for children aged 4+ and believe me, it is critical to get them the basic nutrition they need to build a strong brain and body. Put this in their bodies before they start eating less healthy food and you’ll be doing them a favor for life!

** I also stock this product and can deliver locally or ship to you, or you can call Drucker Labs directly at 888-881-2344, ask for Mary, please give her my name and V9432. You can get on autoship through the company, if you like.