pricing1Almost everything costs money, it’s unavoidable. I prefer to see money as an energy exchange that we use for our everyday needs and services.

Since my goal is to make you more whole, what you “pay me” is negotiable. It needs to be a fair exchange and you must feel that you are getting what you are paying for.

At this time, these are my rates and depending upon your situation and immediate needs, we can always work something out that is a win/win. That is why we are here, to come together and make a meaningful connection, opening the door to change and growth.

For those of you that are the 99%, my rates are $1 a minute. You may get my advice or check in with me, for a minimum of 10 minutes or as long as you like, simply pay me thru PayPal using  and/or use this link  PAYPAL.ME/SuzyKarasik

I have monthly packages for Coaching & Mentoring, let’s talk about what fits your budget and how much you want to change.

MINI-COURSES are usually $25 per class, depending on the size. Classes are typically 4-6 classes, once a week, or every other week, depending on class needs. There is usually a book that will be recommended for the class. We use a conference call number and if you don’t have that downloaded, got to their site. 

Corporate LUNCH & LEARN LECTURES are $125-175 per hour depending on location and time spent.