A New Story of the People

The Earth is our home. It is a very specialized system that is fragile and becoming more so as we overpopulate the PLANET and see her resources as never ending. They are not and this is becoming more clear every day. Resources are finite and it has been proven over hundreds of millions of years that the Earth will survive, whether or not it is suitable for humans, is Up To Us.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, hopefully this section will help you to understand how important, sustainability is for our future. There IS hope and if you were moved by the Charles Eisenstein video, you will find plenty of resources to educate and teach you a multitude of ways that you can begin to participate and become more whole in your relationship to that which gives us life. If nothing else, do it for the children.

For those of us who are looking for PURPOSE in our lives, a good place to start is to volunteer. Finding an organization that is established and plugged in to what is working, is the best way to begin the process. Connecting with people who seek a new paradigm and want to create a new story will bring meaningful relationships and a sense of community.

Explore the dropdowns in this section and I will share with you how powerful this work has been for thousands of people. There are people over this beautiful world who are committed and I will connect you with them. For me it has been life changing and it is my honor to share the results with you.