Elder Care

American society and cultural norms are unique when it comes to caring for our parents and the elderly. No one knows this better than Baby Boomers. Not only are we caring for our parents, we too are now aging ourselves and have to face our future and how best to be cared for. In this section you will find resources and new ways of being with what is. We are all in this together and this is another, very specialized system that needs our attention.

What to do with your aging parent….

elder1Are you and your siblings in a quandary over what to do with your aging parent? Do you need guidance?  Have you emotionally embraced the reality of what is actually happening….

to you? to your family? to your loved one?..

Would you like to “learn the ropes” or ask questions?  Don’t wait till everyone in the family is completely stressed and it’s causing problems. .You are not alone in this journey so the sooner we begin to talk about it, the better it is for everyone. Like many Boomers, not only do I have an aging parent, I worked as a Live-In Care Giver for over 5 years. I learned soooo very much about things I did not realize and I am happy to share them with you.  No one goes unaffected in this part of life’s journey.

I can help you to navigate these waters and come out smooth sailing…. Well, as best as can be expected given the reality of any situation. My Somatic Psychology training helps you to understand what is happening with you… in your body, mind and spirit. This monumental transition requires processing, different languaging and most important…acceptance.  And then, there is the inevitable “business aspect” of what is to come. I offer a good place to start, someone to talk to who understands and has “been there” in numerous roles. Maybe you have already begun this process and you are at your wit’s end. I am here for you and believe I can help.

Caregiver’s Support Group

elder2If you are a “non-family” care giver, this is the place for you.  You may be a live-in or work for various people during the day or night shifts.

We all know that there are a number of dynamics that can be happening at any given time, and especially when family members are present.  Our experience as care givers can be very different from those of a family member.

There are so many variables and so few of them are actually anything that we can control.  There are so many issues, circumstances and of course, the ever changing condition of your “charge.”

elder3This weekly support group is for those of us who just need to be seen (ok, virtually but it works) and heard.  We do not give any “crosstalk” or advice, unless specifically requested.  This is virtual through a conference line or Zoom, providing a safe place for us to talk about things that in many instances, we cannot share with anyone.  We feel understood, heard and embraced.  We learn a lot from each other’s experience and sometimes, that’s all it takes to give you the strength and encouragement to do your job the way you know you can – with loving, nurturing, professional vigilance.  Topics are different each week, relevant and vary depending on what is most important for those attending on any given night.  I am the group moderator and provide information, education, useful tools, love and support.

You can join our group, create your own or you may work for an organization and want to organize your own, safe and sacred space with people you know and work.

elder4Assessment and Consultation

If you are the Owner/Manager or Director of a care-giving facility.  Let’s talk about a group rate for your employees.

No matter your situation, together we can make this work, we have to!     Call me for a free 30 minute conversation so we can determine how best to proceed, what is best for you at this time and who else may need to be involved. Every situation is different, although the emotional experience is quite commonly shared by so many of us.  The support you need is HERE!


The Cycle of Life by  MADISYN TAYLOR

Dealing with an aging parent is part of the challenges and blessings that are part of the cycle of life.

For most of us a natural part of the cycle of life is when our roles as children start to shift from that into caretaking roles where are parents are concerned. This can be as major moving a parent into a retirement facility, or coming to the realization that it’s necessary to check in with them more often than usual. Whatever the case, such a shift is momentous as it signals a time of confronting our own mortality as we confront that of our parents. In addition, it can bring up issues about how well they cared for us when we were young. We may also find ourselves consumed with fear at the thought of losing them, even if we’ve been on our own for a very long time.

Talking to other friends and family who are going through similar experiences can be a large source of support. They can help us look at both the unresolved past and the unfolding present, and we are free to talk only about ourselves. Sometimes we need the kind of undivided attention a friend can offer in order to deal with the material that comes up at this time of our lives.

In many ways, this time of life signals a rebirth as we examine our individual past, as well as our familial past. As our parents’ lives move toward completion, we are able to see what they did with their time on earth, what we have done so far with our time, and what we might want to do with the time we have left. These challenges and blessings are all part of the cycle of life.

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