people1People are creatures of habit. We limit what is possible by what we believe to be true.  Perspective is a very powerful filter and something to be continuously re-examined.  Each time we remember a past experience it is altered and outdated. This process tends to reinforce or create a new, habitual limited belief that may no longer be our true, present reality. It no longer serves us and impedes our ability to move forward in creating a satisfying, fulfilling daily presence.

You may be familiar with the phrase, everything you need to know is already inside of you.  This may very well be true, the challenge is to uncover what is our deepest truth for where we are in our life, right now, for that is truly what matters.  In most cases, uncovering what we already know, is not something you can do alone without a mentor, teacher, coach, counselor, partner or leader.  The decisions you make are interconnected and every day you unknowingly make hundreds.  We listen to and BELIEVE our monkey mind, that gremlin that feeds us with continuous unfounded information.  It’s been happening since day one, influenced by our environment and how we make sense of it, in any given moment.


Specialized-Systems is a group of a trusted individuals whose service is commitment and a deep presence that will uncover and support your highest purpose.  We form an empowering relationship that sees you as naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  The process evolves through YOU. We listen deeply and together we tap into that source of energy that you need to move forward in any area of your life that requiring attention, improvement or re-examination.

people2Ours becomes a relationship built on trust, capacity, authenticity and integrity.  It is a safe and courageous space where the truth can be told without judgement.  There is an openness and a flow that allows you to explore the widest range of possibilities.  Without a doubt, anything is possible.  We have seen it in our own lives and those we have supported over the last 4 decades. We form an alliance that asks fundamental questions and overcomes obstacles.  It takes time, perseverance and a willingness to be accountable for exploring, changing, learning, taking risks…setting goals and achieving more than you dreamed possible.  Relationship is key, with ourselves and with others.

people3You may want to work one on one, attend workshops or retreats, or even create your own group of people who want to learn together with a teacher, mentor or coach. When we work as a group we get better and more meaningful results.  We become aligned through shared knowledge, support and accountability and we leverage our growth through interacting with other participants.  Today’s digital world claims to bring us closer together, yet there is a sense of loneliness and isolation that exists.  Group participation helps us to grow a network and establish that true sense of community that we don’t find in the cyber world.  We all share and contribute and create lifelong support and…..a feeling of truly being seen, appreciated, accepted and loved!