Corporate Lunch & Learn Lectures

studentsIn addition to working for Health Fairs Direct, I also offer my own LUNCH & LEARN series. There are a couple of options for making it a real success. You can order a healthy lunch for your employees, with my suggestions or employees can simply bring their own. I prefer a room with a white board, but can do it just about anywhere. These are a great way to educate and communicate, it helps employees to understand more about their own health and to connect with each other. These are the most popular lectures, let’s talk if there is a specific topic you want me to present. I provide handouts and extensive Q&A afterwards.




Topics include:

Everything You Need To Know about Stress

Toxins: How To Avoid Them and Get Rid of Them

Nutrition 101

Stages of Change

Taming Your Gremlins

Meditation & Relaxation 101

Your Hormones and their Power

Gut Bacteria, Carbs, Fats and Ketogenic Diets

Call 510-283-5517 for more information and scheduling. Cost is $175-$250 depending on time & location.