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THE CLIMATE REALITY PROJECT founded and chaired by Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, is dedicated to catalyzing a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society. A GLOBAL CAUSE DEMANDS A GLOBAL EFFORT With glaciers melting, seas rising, and 14 of the 15 hottest years on record coming this century, the threat of climate change has never been more evident. With solar, wind, and other clean energy solutions becoming more affordable and accessible every year, there is an encouraging way forward. And with 195 countries signing the historic Paris Agreement to cut greenhouse gases, the world is finally united in working to seize the promise of renewables and create a safe, sustainable, and prosperous future powered by clean energy. We must speak truth to power.

What’s in the way? For the most part, it is powerful fossil fuel companies and their government allies spreading fear and misinformation. Led by Vice President Gore and CEO Ken Berlin, we’re here to change that. And here you find a very encouraging article proving that cities all over the country are going 100% renewable

We connect cutting-edge digital media, global organizing events, and peer-to-peer outreach to share the truth about climate change and the solutions in our hands today, with people everywhere. And with our more than 10,000 Climate Reality Leader activists building support for pro-climate policies at every level, and millions joining us to accelerate the global transition to clean energy, we have the chance to stop climate change and together create a future we can be proud of. We’re not about to waste it.

• The Climate Reality Leadership Corps: Advocates and influencers in over 100 countries trained by Vice President Gore to mobilize communities for action.

24 Hours of Reality:  We just completed or ahhmazing Annual global broadcast that focuses the world’s attention for one day on the truth, scope, and scale of the climate crisis across continents. Click on that link, scroll down and you can watch.

• International campaigns: Branch offices in nine strategic countries work to strengthen national commitments to emissions reduction and clean energy.

• US climate campaigns: Building activist networks in pivotal states and strong popular support for the Clean Power Plan and other vital pro-climate policies.

• 100% Committed: Partnering with businesses, universities, ski resorts, and towns to help them transition to 100-percent renewable electricity. •

Climate Speakers Network: Building a more diverse movement by training faith, business, and cultural community leaders as trusted messengers on climate.

                                                                              JOIN US AND HELP MAKE THE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE WE WANT A REALITY.

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DRAWDOWN IS THAT POINT IN TIME WHEN THE CONCENTRATION OF GREENHOUSE GASES IN THE ATMOSPHERE BEGINS TO DECLINE ON A YEAR-TO-YEAR BASIS                                    IT’S NOT GAME OVER, IT IS GAME ON!!!                                                                                                                                          see this video with Paul and Bill Maher                    

Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.      Our organization did not make or devise the plan—we found the plan because it already exists. We gathered a qualified and diverse group of researchers from around the world to identify, research, and model the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change. What was uncovered is a path forward that can roll back global warming within thirty years. It shows that humanity has the means at hand. Nothing new needs to be invented. The solutions are in place and in action. Our work is to accelerate the knowledge and growth of what is possible. We chose the name Drawdown because if we do not name the goal, we are unlikely to achieve it. Our numbers are growing exponentially and if we spread the good news, we can begin implementing DRAWDOWN in our own lives.

Drawdown is based on meticulous research that maps, measures, models, and describes the most substantive solutions to global warming that already exist. It is the most important goal for humanity to undertake.


I will speak to your friends in your home, your office, your schools, your churches, your community organizations, anywhere you believe there is an interest, I am there. 

Below you will find the top 100 Solutions, listed by category. I highly recommend you buy the book, from your LOCAL BOOKSTORE.

There is a myriad of information here, please take the time to examine it. You can click on any of the topics.