Beyond the Culture of Separation: Whiteness and the Embodiment of a New Story

youth-impact-hub-oaklandHere’s an opportunity to expand and open to what is, so that we can grow and embody true justice in every aspect of our lives

  • Are you looking for a supportive community with which to take your next step toward contributing to a just and racially equitable society?
  • Do you have questions about how to effectively show up for this watershed moment of the racial justice movement? In your life? At work? In the larger community?
  • Are you interested in learning how to practice compassion with your own and others’ resistance and fear around race in order to more effectively work in solidarity with communities of color?


Beyond the Culture of Separation uses an innovative approach and interactive learning modalities to expand white-identified participants’ capacities to contribute collectively to the creation of a society with greater freedom and dignity for everyone. We believe that, in addition to the serious harm done to racially targeted people, systemic racism also inflicts deep psycho-spiritual wounds on white people. Because shame and isolation are integral aspects of white socialization, we offer encouragement and community building as an approach to this healing work. To move beyond the culture of separation, we must come together and learn to support and inspire one another as we reclaim our humanity and work for liberation and justice for all people. We explore institutional, cultural, and interpersonal racism, U.S. history, and implicit bias, while practicing tools for shifting our personal and collective relationship to whiteness and racism. Here’s what people who took the course are saying

Beyond the Culture of Separation: Whiteness and the Embodiment of a New Story is an 8-week class (starting January 11) that uses innovative and interactive learning modalities to inspire white people to take an authentic and compassionate stand against white supremacy. We will learn about interpersonal, institutional, and structural levels of racism, understand the impact of racism on our personal and collective well being, experience an encouraging & supportive learning community, and be motivated to engage with other white people around racial justice in all aspects of our lives. All levels of experience welcome. 

Course Facilitators – please do not contact the Oakland Hub for information about this offering – I simply left their links here so you can see the great work they are doing.

Elana Isaacs, Gregory Mengel, Angela Sevin

In partnership with the Pathways2Justice series at Impact Hub Oakland