Suzy Karasik Welcomes You To Specialized-Systems

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ― Mary Oliver

home1However you got here, I’m thrilled to have you and clearly it was meant to be. You have entered a portal that gives you access to everything you need for YOUR WELL BEING. Whatever it takes to bring you to your highest good as a whole person, I am at your service.

My focus is based on the 4 P’s – People, Purpose, Planet and Products.  Put your cursor over each heading (upper right corner) to click on other pages where you will find related information, articles, links, videos, downloads and more. It’s not easy to separate those things that are all connected to being whole, yet it will be easier for you to look at the pull downs of each and choose your focus, each time you visit.

home2Now you are part of a network of dedicated and caring, global citizens whose focus is on sustainability in the true sense of the word. Our motivation is to connect seekers with systems that specialize in what you need on your path to becoming a more whole person. I will guide you to re-design or update a fulfilling life that is mutually beneficial for you in all of your relationships… including the planet.

I’ve spent years evaluating and personally experiencing what works and who has the best programs, products and systems for personal evolution. Together with my partners, Specialized-Systems.com offers a full plate of services with respected professionals who specialize in all aspects of life, educating and supporting your journey to a purpose driven life.

My BLOG will accompany you from day to day, with insights and articles, suggestions and my sometimes waxing philosophic. We must continue to question and reflect, regularly.

My life’s purpose is to teach. Whether it be as your Professor, Mentor, Coach, Guide or Partner in Progress, I care about one thing: supporting you in creating and living a life of integrity. I have long-term strategies in place. I work with the best and share the fruits of our efforts with anyone who sincerely wants to collaborate with us. We are all teachers and students of life.

home3I am committed… are you? I suggest we explore your thoughts and feelings in a free 30 minute conversation, at your convenience. I am in Pacific Time.

Explore the website, see what speaks to you and go to my contact form. I am here for you and know it is possible that your life will never be the same…in a very good way!

Director, Suzy Karasik, MA, DCN, CIHP, CMT, CPD